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10 of Our Favorite Hazy Pale Ales

Photos Courtesy of Offshoot Beer Co. and Reuben’s Brews

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Hops and hazy go hand in hand, especially when the final result has a “juicy” quality. Double dry hopping is a brewing process where hops are added to a beer during the fermentation process resulting in a more aromatic, less bitter beer.

The India pale ale is the style that most often gets this treatment. Hazy or juicy IPAs rule the roost in craft beer these days. Often, they are top sellers on draft and to-go can sales from brewery taprooms.

It is time, however, for the hazy pale ale to get a closer look. The hazy or juicy pale ale often packs less of a hop punch and puts a larger focus on the grain bill than its bullheaded IPA sibling. Traditionally pale ales have less alcohol by volume than IPAs.