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10 of Our Favorite Wines From Portugal For $35 or Less

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Portugal is perhaps best known for its fortified wine, Port. But its wine production also encompasses several styles of wine, including Vinho Verde.

The name translates to “young wine,” as Vinho Verde is bottled three to six months after harvest. These bottles have electric acidity and were originally produced to be naturally effervescent. Because many consumers still expect the style to be slightly bubbly, some winemakers add CO2 to the finished wine before bottling.

Another style produced by an array of Portuguese winemakers is skin-contact or orange wine. This style of wine uses giant clay pots, or amphorae, and ferments and ages white grapes in contact with their skins, which gives the final product an amber or orange hue. You will often see these wines labeled as Vinho de Talha.

Here are some of our favorite bottles from Portugal, all for $35 or less.