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10 Passover Wines to Make Your Seder Shine

Images Courtesy of Vivino

The Jewish holiday of Passover is known for its strict dietary rules. During the week-long festivity, observant families avoid leavened foods, like bread and cake, and eat meals that are limited to ingredients designated kosher for Passover. But another big part of the Passover celebration is wine.

Wine plays a central role in the two ceremonial dinners that kick off Passover, known as seders. During each seder, which involves a ritual retelling of the Israelites’ escape from Egypt, there are designated points in which participants are instructed to drink. In all, four glasses of wine are meant to be consumed. Though some merely sip a portion of the wine, many still take part in the full four-cup celebration. So, it’s important to find wines that are drinkable, enjoyable and pair with the celebratory meal.

But, for families that follow the traditional customs, the wines served will also have to be designated kosher for Passover. Whether you’re a Passover pro or were invited to your first seder, we break down the distinctions to keep in mind and which bottles to break out for dinner.