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10 Vintage Champagnes Worth the Splurge


Sparkling wines reign supreme around holidays and the undisputed benchmark of the category is, of course, Champagne.

When looking for that special bottle to cap off a toast, look no further than vintage Champagne. Made in only the best years from grapes all harvested within the same vintage year, these offerings provide a unique snapshot of time and place that cannot be found in nonvintage bottles.

Vintage Champagne also shows more depth and complexity than its nonvintage counterpart thanks to its extending aging on the lees in the bottle. By law, there is a three-year minimum for vintage offerings, however, many producers opt to go well beyond that mark, delivering rich, textural wines with toasty, nutty flavors.

For what’s currently available on the market seek out options from 2002, 2004 and 2008 for some of the best performing wines. More recent vintage releases are also showing quite well, and be sure to check out our Vintage Chart for additional insight.

Here are 10 vintage Champagnes worthy of your next big toast.