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11 Dessert Wines to End a Meal

Courtesy of Retailers

Finding the right wine to pair with dessert can be tough. The richness of the finishing course can often overpower a wine while on the other end, a sugary treat can make dry wines taste bitter or unbalanced. Enter dessert wines. This broad category of sweet wines offers a fun way to match sweetness with sweetness and elevate the flavors of your favorite post-dinner bites.

Dessert wines are made all over the world, and when done properly, can be truly magical. These wines are made by concentrating the sugars of the grapes then cutting the fermentation process short before the yeast has a chance to consume all the concentrated fruit. Sometimes this process is natural where there is simply more sugar than the yeast can possibly convert. Other times, a strong neutral spirit or sulfur are added mid-fermentation to kill off the yeast. This leaves a higher level of residual sugar which results in a sweeter wine.