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11 of Our Favorite Gins for Martinis 2022

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Musical theater fans may recall “You Gotta Get a Gimmick” from Gypsy, a number in which a trio of burlesque performers urge the title character to “do something special, anything that’s special” to distinguish her act.

The latest crop of gins seems to take a page from that libretto. There’s no shortage of great gins out there, and in order to be remembered, gin producers are leaning harder than ever into finding that “something special” to pull away from the pack.

That might mean flavoring the gin with fresh instead of dried juniper (Procera) or experimenting with resting the gin in small barrels made from juniper wood (Citadelle Juniper Decadence—no easy task, by the way: “Since the juniper is a modestly sized tree, its wood is not suitable for making long, curved staves, as it is too hard to bend,” the company explains. Instead, “special small casks were built with straight sides.”)