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12 Small Wine Bottles To Keep All To Yourself


Standard 750ml bottles of wine contain five glasses, which is great for a crowd. But what if you’re drinking alone and only craving one glass? Sure, an open bottle might stay in good condition for a few days, but who wants to gamble wasting precious juice? Small wine bottles give you the chance to mix and match your pours, limit your intake or have something special all to yourself.

And, thanks to the growing popularity of small-format bottles of wine, the volume-conscious wine drinker can enjoy their favorite bottles without the fear of wasting a drop. Whether in splits, half bottles or even cans, wine lovers can enjoy everything from the classics like Napa Cabernet, Sonoma Chardonnay, Champagne and Port or juicy rosé, zesty Sauvignon Blanc and crushable light-bodied red wines.

Here are 12 single serve wines for your weekday drinking pleasure.