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25 Rosé Wines for Any Budget (2022)

Images Courtesy of the Retailers

The season for rosé wine is upon us. Fresh vintages from around the globe have recently been released just in time for summer— though most can be enjoyed year round.

More than a wine, in recent years, in the U.S., rosé has become a lifestyle, capturing carefree days in a bottle.

Provence continues to dominate the market, capturing hearts with its delicate style and signature pale coral hue. The light and bright fruit flavors of classic Provençal rosé are backed by crisp acidity and often tangy minerality. Approachable and effortless elegance can take you from day to night, making them perfect for any occasion.

The Rhône Valley uses many of same grape varieties as Provence but deliver fleshier, more structured rosés than their neighbors. The dark-hued, age-worthy of wines of Tavel show a more serious side to rosé, demonstrating the versatility of the category.

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