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5 Ways to Enjoy Eggnog This Holiday Season

Photo by Tom Arena

A telltale sign that the holidays are officially upon us? Store shelves have made room for cartons upon cartons of eggnog.

Celebrating with this creamy beverage however is nothing new. In fact, eggnog has been served up at bars around the holidays for centuries. And drinks like posset, which many culinary historians believe gave way to the modern beverage we know and love today, were drunk at celebratory occasions centuries before eggnog made its way into American bars.

So in keeping with tradition, it’s only right to whip up some eggnog drinks this winter.

From vegan nog to classic eggnog, here are the best eggnog cocktails to spice up your holiday season.

What Are Eggnog Cocktails?

Eggnog cocktails are endlessly customizable. They tend to be boozy, sweet and have hints of spice.

A myriad of spirits like brandy, Cognac and bourbon lend themselves well to eggnog cocktails. But the classic choice is rum. Why? Because this spirit pairs perfectly with eggnog’s nutmeg and cinnamon aspects.

How to Make Eggnog Cocktails

How you make your eggnog cocktail is going to vary based on your ingredients and chosen recipe. But in general, they incorporate eggs, simple syrup, a spirit and dairy products. On this list, we have eggnog cocktail options that range from warm and spicy to a custard-like dessert.