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8 Whiskey Mixers That Are Pro-Approved


A fascinating spirit made all over the world, whiskey (or whisky depending on where it’s made) is an exciting spirit category to explore. Not only does it taste delicious sipped neat, but it lends itself well to a host of mixed drinks.

“Whiskey is remarkably versatile,” says Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast writer at large and spirit reviewer.  “Sure, it’s enjoyable neat or over ice. But whiskey’s vanilla and spice meld beautifully with a wide range of mixers. And those looking to temper with whiskey’s strength may find that it’s even better when judiciously mixed.”

While Cola and other sodas are popular whiskey mixers, we asked the experts for their go-to orders and some extra things to keep in mind.

What Can You Mix with Whiskey?

We think the more accurate question is ‘what can’t you mix with whiskey? But Newman has some helpful tips to keep in mind on what flavors work best and why when it comes to whiskey mixers.

Ginger beer or ale mix “well with all whiskey types. Whiskey’s natural spice notes meld well with the sweet spices of ginger ale and ginger beer,” says Newman.