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9 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Wine Pros

Photos Courtesy of Retailers

Mother’s Day is around the corner, but before you click “add to cart” on that expensive bouquet for the maternal figure in your life: wait.

What people want for Mother’s Day varies—of course— and can’t always fit in a bag. Perrine Prieur, of Perrine’s Wine Shop in Atlanta, for example, balances running her shop with being a mother of two and would love a weekend to relax with a book. Others, like Lisa Howard, co-owner and winemaker of Tolenas Winery, are content with a thoughtfully written note. It’s all about your partner’s love language, she says.

If you want to buy a present, though, there are some items that any wine- and food-loving mom would appreciate.

From ice molds to coffee machines, here are 10 good Mother’s Day gifts that beverage industry moms recommend.

1. Everyday Ice Tray

“I always encourage people to invest in good-quality ice,” says Alexa Delgado, bar manager at the JW Marriott Orlando, in Grande Lakes, Florida. “There’s a reason your favorite bar doesn’t use the same ice that you have in your freezer at home. A silicone ice cube tray will elevate your cocktails at home without breaking the bank.”


2. Copper Oil Jug

Laura Battiato, sommelier and regional sales manager at Huneeus Wines, fondly recalls her husband giving her a copper olive oil decanter from Italy. “It is both beautiful and something I use every day,” says Battiato. This particular jug’s interior is hot dipped to protect the oil that is stored in it.

Arte Mest

3. Cheese of the Month Club

“Some of the best gifts I’ve received have been food and wine-focused memberships, cheese of the month, or monthly wine memberships,” says Denise Thornberry, a mom of two and the founder of the Tasting House in Los Gatos, California. “I plan for the arrival of these monthly deliveries and invite friends over to join and share in the experience. It’s always a good time!”

$ Varies

5. Spring & Mulberry Chocolate

Don’t underestimate the appeal of classic chocolate. Though, there is nothing old fashioned about Spring & Mulberry, which uses dates in lieu of sugar.

Kim Elwell, co-founder of Halcyon Wines in California, was recently gifted a bundle of these chocolates that are rich but still health conscious. “I’m into anything special I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, so these felt like a real treat,” she says.

$ Varies
Spring and Mulberry

6. Bodum Water Kettle

“It sounds so silly, but my electric tea kettle is my favorite,” says Howard. “As a busy mom I do not have much downtime but making time for a mug of hot tea every night is my way to unwind and ensure a good night sleep.” This particular electric kettle is sleek, easy to clean, and affordable (bundle it with a box of Howard’s favorite tea).


7. Keswick Waterproof Boot

As a winemaker, Howard relies on her sturdy, yet attractive, work boots. “Seriously we live in our winery/vineyard boots. I have tried them all,” she says. These are her absolute favorite and the person you’re gifting them to doesn’t have to work at a winery to appreciate them.


8. The Durand

If the mother in your life drinks wine from aged bottles, then Prieur insists that the Durand wine opener is the perfect gift. It’s made especially for opening fragile corks and, she says, is simply the best for this task.

The Durand

9. Craft Muddler

When it comes to crushing those berries, limes and herbs for spring and summer cocktails, a muddler is a must-have according to Keyatta Mincey Parker, founder of A Sip of Paradise, a community garden for bartenders in Atlanta. “I use mine to stir, mash, and mix and sometimes pop hands. I love it,” says Parker.

Farmhouse Pottery

10. Terra Kaffe

Prieur has been eyeing this single-serve coffee machine that grinds beans before each brew is made—it’s a splurge, but moms are worth it, right?