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A Combination of Tradition and Innovation, Disaronno Is Spirit Brand/Distiller of the Year | Wine Enthusiast’s 2021 Wine Star Awards

Photo courtesy Disaronno

Best-known for its flagship Disaronno Amaretto, an iconic almond-flavored liqueur, the company Illva Saronno was founded by the Reina family in 1947.

The company has its roots in Saronno area of Italy, part of the Lombardy region; Disaronno translates to “from Saronno.”

Today, it’s still based in Saronno. Now part of Illva Saronno Holding, a multinational parent company with properties that also make ice cream, baked goods and food flavorings, the wine and spirits division remains a core competency.

In addition to its eponymous liqueur, the brand’s portfolio includes well-known names such as The Busker Irish Whiskey, Tia Maria coffee liqueur and Zucca Rabarbaro, as well as wines including Corvo and Florio Marsala

In 1992, Disaronno opened its Amsterdam headquarters, followed by a U.S.-based outpost in New Jersey to facilitate its import business—roughly one-third of Disaronno’s distribution is within North America.

In addition, 2021 brought the establishment of Disaronno International UK in Hertfordshire, England, responsible for the distribution, sales and marketing of Illva Saronno brands in the UK.

Quality and consistency have been cornerstones of the brand’s success, says Kevin Roberts, executive vice president at Breakthru Beverage Group. Even during the pandemic, when many well-established spirits producers struggled, Disaronno found a way through.