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A Mezcal Cocktail with a Tropical Twist

The Guavabonga Cocktail / Photo by Tom Arena

Courtesy Victor Guerrero, bartender at Andaz Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This tropical drink calls for exactly one spirit, Mexico’s mezcal, backed by a vibrant array of fruit. A key component here is sour orange juice, also called bitter orange juice. It’s made from thick-skinned varieties, which include Seville, Chinotto and Bergamot, that are frequently used to make marmalade, sauces and chutneys, and even liqueurs. Look for commercial brands like Badia or Goya, or approximate the acidic tang by mixing equal parts sweet orange and lime juices.

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1 ½ ounces Mezcal Amaras (Espadín)
2 ounces guava jam
1 ounce sour orange juice
1 ounce pineapple juice
½ ounce lemon juice
2 dashes orange bitters
Pineapple wedge, for garnish
Mint sprig, for garnish


Shake all ingredients except garnish with ice, then double strain into an ice-filled hurricane glass.

Garnish with pineapple wedge and mint sprig.