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All Hail, Red Wine Brownies!


An easy dessert with sophisticated flavors, these red wine brownies are unapologetically rich. The wine acts in a subtle supporting role, providing fruity tartness to complement the dark chocolate.

As with author Jesse Szewyck’s stellar wine cookies recipe, you can use any dry red wine here, though fruit-forward Merlot, Gamay or California red blends are especially welcome. That said, if all you have on hand is Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon, your brownies will still be delicious. More important is to reach for an inexpensive or unsentimental bottle, since you’ll sweeten and reduce the wine before stirring it into the batter.

You’re better off saving your brownie budget for quality dark chocolate. Opt for a bar that has at least 72% cacao content to keep flavors balanced and sweetness in check.