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Badge Unlocked: How to Pair Wine and Girl Scout Cookies

There’s no wrong way to enjoy your Thin Mints or Samoas, but attempting to pair wine with Girl Scout Cookies presents certain challenges. Like many desserts, the amount of sugar in cookies can overpower wines’ fruity flavors, making an otherwise balanced bottle taste flabby or overly tannic.

“Sweets and wine are notoriously difficult to pair,” says Alexander Peartree, Tasting Director of Wine Enthusiast. “You often want the wine to match or exceed the sweetness of the pairing which is why pours like Port and Sauternes work so well. But, if that’s not possible, look for wines that deliver lots of fruity intensity, with mild to no tannins.”

And Girl Scout Cookies deserve careful consideration. For more than 100 years, scouts have sold cookies to learn leadership and entrepreneurial skills, according to Girl Scouts of the USA.

“Girl Scout Cookies have been a long-standing tradition since 1917 and have become an icon of American culture since then,” a brand representative told Wine Enthusiast. “Supporters have always looked forward to purchasing their favorite flavors every season, and still continue to do so today.” 

No scouts at your doorstep or in your social circle? Consider buying your cookies from Troop 6000, a Girl Scouts program for children in the New York City shelter system.

Once you’ve got your cookies, you’re ready to start pouring. Learn how to create perfect wine pairings with Girl Scout Cookies with this guide!