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Death in the Afternoon, Ernest Hemingway’s Two-Ingredient Cocktail

Photography by Ali Redmond

Ernest Hemingway gave us many things. To start, he wrote some of the most lauded works in the modern literary canon—For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea just to name a few. 

Hemingway’s other contribution? Cocktails, lots and lots of cocktails.  

While it’s important to acknowledge he didn’t always single-handedly invent these drinks—or maybe even drink them—who is to say that the Hemingway daiquiri, a Maraschino liqueur-spiked variation on the classic rum cocktail, would exist without him? Or that the applejack-based Jack Rose would have solidified its place in the classic cocktail canon had it not been featured prominently in his novel The Sun Also Rises. Hemingway’s love for a good drink continues to inspire today’s bartenders, as with this dessert-like milk punch cocktail, which was inspired by Hemingway’s love of rum and Key lime pie.