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Floral, Spice, Everything Nice: 10 Gewürztraminers for $37 or Less

GettyGewürztraminer (German pronunciation) or Gewurztraminer (English and French pronunciation), is a pink-skinned white wine grape produced in Alsace, France. It’s planted globally throughout Europe and the U.S. and thrives in cool-climate regions like Pfalz, Yakima Valley, and Finger Lakes.

An underrated white wine with styles ranging from dry to sweet, it’s one of the most aromatically distinctive varieties often delivering a ripe lychee note. Its full-body and age-worthy notes offer bright acidity layered with flavors of tropical fruit, floral, and spice.

From dry to sweet, here are 10 food-friendly Gewurztraminer or Gewürztraminers to try this season!