Wine Importing and Marketing Services

Forrest Dein | Future 40 2022

Photo by Matt Sayles

Cofounder & Chief Marketing Officer, JuneShine, San Diego, CA

Going Pro(biotic)

JuneShine went from garage project of Forrest Dein and fellow cofounder Greg Serrano to category-defining hard kombucha brand with blinding speed. Makes you wonder if there’s more than probiotics in those cans. When Covid lockdowns shut down bars and retail outlets for the burgeoning brand, Forrest and his team built, again with Flash-like speed, a direct-to-consumer delivery service for their cans in key cities—from the ground up. And in the last year JuneShine has launched a RTD canned cocktail line and collaborated on limited-edition hard kombuchas with the likes of comedian Whitney Cummings and electronic musician Diplo.

Instagram: @forrestjaqua, @juneshineco