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Four Easy Ways to Pair Wine and Cashews


The cashew may not be the most common nut worldwide (it’s behind almonds, walnuts and pistachios), but it’s certainly one of the most beloved. The rich, creamy flavor hints at peanuts, almonds and macadamias, but has no substitute.

Its uniqueness starts on the tree, where what we know as the cashew is actually the seed of the much larger cashew fruit. Even stranger is that the cashew is in the same plant family as mangoes and poison ivy. When snacking on cashews or using them as the centerpiece of a dish, pull out some of their subtle flavors with the right wine.


Cashews’ sweetness is subtle, so instead of pairing with a sweet wine, try a white that merely hints at sweetness. Malagousia is a Greek grape variety that yields dry wines that are seductively aromatic with roses, peaches and tropical fruits. It’s an unusual and delicious match.