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From Port to Madeira, 11 Ageworthy Fortified Wines to Try


Often described as rich, unctuous and warming, fortified wines are the perfect pours as the weather gets cooler. Made from a base of red or white wine, with the addition of a neutral grape-based spirit, this category of wine is found across the globe.

Spain and Portugal produce a range of fortified wines, from well-known Port and Sherry to under-the-radar styles like Madeira and Moscatel de Setúbal. In the New World, look to Australia for the historic wines of Rutherglen, which have been in production for over a century. In the United States, some wineries in aim to revive the Angelica category—a style of fortified wine made from the Mission grape— which was brought to California by Spanish missionaries in the 18th century.

Whatever style you desire, enjoying a fortified wine is like being wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket. Seek out these 11 pours the next time you need some wine comfort.