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Get to Know Grappa, the Fragrant Italian Liquor

Courtesy of Getty Images

This poor man’s drink has drifted from its modest origins. Grappa originated as a cheap liquor for peasants. Yet today, the spirit is considered a fine drink that conveys elegance and conviviality for many at an Italian dinner table. Grappa’s evolution is a result of both tradition and reinvention, as modern distillers work to refine their products for generations to come.

Though its role in modern drinking culture is still progressing, one thing is for sure: Grappa has come a long way. But if you’ve never found yourself with a glass of the Italian spirit before, you may be wondering what the deal is. With its reputation changing, we break down everything you need to know about the fragrant liquor, including what is Grappa, what is Grappa made from, and how do you drink Grappa?

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