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Go Here, Not There: 3 Alternative Destinations to Popular Wine Regions

Images Courtesy of Lori Eanes, Getty Images

Pent-up demand for post-pandemic vacations has sent the travel industry roiling. Airline tickets, car rentals and hotels rooms are now highly elusive or wildly expensive. For a weekend in August, a garden view room at the Belmond Caruso in Ravello, Italy runs $5600, and that’s for one of the cheaper rooms. The Belmond brand, known for its over-the-top luxury may be fabulous, but the average American isn’t an oligarch with exorbitant amounts of money to spend on a trip. But if you’re struggling to find an affordable wine holiday for this summer or fall, consider these three alternate wine regions to fuel your wine wanderlust.

For each region, we compared prices of comparable hotels, restaurants, and winery experiences. You’ll need a car to get around once there.