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How to Make Homemade Lemonade: A Step-by-Step Guide

Photo by Tracie Davis

If you ask 10 people how to make homemade lemonade, expect approximately 11 answers. Although the drink has just three ingredients—water, lemon and sugar—lemonade is a canvas for diverse preferences and creative expressions.

Chief among these is the sweet-sour balance. Some like lemonade with ample sugar or simple syrup, while others favor lots of lemon juice for a sharper tang.

“On its face it looks easy, but it’s a tricky balance,” says Chris Marshall, founder of Sans Bar in Austin, Texas.

The self-proclaimed “first sober bar in Texas,” Sans has had an array of lemonades that included versions infused with herbs and lavender. “Lemonade is a great place to experiment,” says Marshall. “There are so many fun things you can do.”

Origin stories for lemonade abound. Some historians point to an 11th-century Egyptian beverage, qatarmizat, made with sugar and lemon juice.