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How to Pair Trader Joe’s Snacks with Wine

Images Courtesy of Trader Joe’s, Amazon, and Getty

It’s no secret that Trader Joe’s is celebrated for its selection of budget wines and eclectic food items. The Trader Joe’s snack aisle in particular is stacked with a wide selection of treats that can’t be found elsewhere and boast devoted followings. Now, we’re taking the beloved retailer’s wild array of snacks to another level—by pairing them with wine, of course.

Basically, Trader Joe’s is snack heaven. When it comes to an urgent case of the munchies, the store is sure to deliver something sweet, salty or both. But what better way to make a quality snack shine than with a thoughtfully poured glass of wine?

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts in the Wine Enthusiast Tasting Department don’t limit their palates to high-end pours and luxury bites. To prove it, they conducted an in-office taste test of popular Trader Joe’s treats to curate a stellar wine pairing guide. From giant Peruvian corn nuts to crispy chocolate chip cookies, here are the best wines to go with Trader Joe’s snacks.

The Best Trader Joe’s Wine and Snack Pairings

Image Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Everything But the Bagel Nut Duo

Few items at Trader Joe’s have become household names to the same level as the Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend. The iconic spice mix mimics the topping of an everything bagel, with salt, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic and onion. Since its release in 2017, the blend has made its way into other Everything But the Bagel-themed products like Greek yogurt dip and kettle-cooked potato chips.

The most recent addition to everything-fandom? A snackable duo of meaty almonds and crunchy cashews coated in the seasoning. To pair, try a slightly sparkling wine like Txakolina

“You have a saline note in the Txakolina that’s bright and crisp,” says Russell Peborde, Wine Enthusiast’s Assistant Tasting Coordinator, adding that the wine’s acidic quality helps balance the snack’s savory, pungent flavors.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Giant Peruvian Inca Corn

Sourced from the Andes Mountains of Peru, these supersized corn nuts are crunchy, savory and a touch sweet. What exactly is a corn nut? Also known as “cancha” in Peru, corn nuts are simply roasted or deep-fried corn kernels. Although the toasty snack is typically peanut-sized and brittle, Trader Joe’s Giant Inca Corn uses a larger form of white corn that leads to a chewier and slightly nuttier snack with a hollow center.