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How to Store Wine Properly, and Why It Matters

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Okay, so you bought a bottle of wine. Now what? Unless you plan to pop it open ASAP, wine needs to be stored properly.

Wine storage can mean a few different things, depending on the type of wine and who you are as a drinker. Whether you’re new to wine or looking to start an age-worthy collection, here’s everything you need to know about storing your bottles, starting with why we care about it in the first place.

Why Wine Storage Matters

Wine is highly susceptible to changes in its environment. This is true for those prized collectibles, as well as that budget bottle of Merlot you purchased from the grocery store.

“Wine is a living and breathing thing that is constantly evolving and changing,” says Wine Enthusiast’s Chief Revenue and Education Officer Marshall Tilden III. This is why caring for your bottles is so important, he continues. It can make the difference between a bold, fruity glass of Cabernet and, well, a bottle of lukewarm vinegar.