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‘I Have a Strong Social and Environmental Mission’: 5 Questions with Camilla Lunelli

Image Courtesy of Camilla Lunelli

Camilla Lunelli knows a thing or two about sparkling wines. As Communications Director of Gruppo Lunelli, she represents the third generation of the Lunelli family to manage Italian sparkling wine house Ferrari Trento.

But her interests go beyond bubbles. With experience working with humanitarian aid programs in Africa, including a posting in Niger for the United Nations, Lunelli is always thinking about how to effect meaningful change. Wine Enthusiast caught up with her to talk about what that means at Gruppo Lunelli, plus some fun insights into what makes her tick.

What do you wish you knew when you started working in the industry?

My formal education was very focused on technical content and very low on soft skills and emotional intelligence. There was very little group work. There was not even much instruction in public speaking or organizational management. I wish the system had offered me more holistic training.

The system does seem to be changing slightly nowadays. I wish the approach of my formal education had trained me to focus more on team performance than on individual results. I have shifted my management style to an environment more favorable to group success.