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Light and Bright, Crisp and Clean: 10 Sancerres to Electrify Your Palate


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The white wines of Sancerre are springtime favorite, perfect for dusting off the patio furniture. Located on the eastern edge of the Loire Valley in France, this appellation can yield red and rosé wines, however it is best known for its crisp white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc.

The classic white Sancerre is loaded with bright acidity and crisp minerality, with the hallmark flavors of gooseberry, lemon and flint arising in most examples. Some are made entirely in stainless steel to keep the pristine, vibrant fruit flavors front and center. Yet, there are also richer styles of Sancerre that are aged in concrete or oak barrels, which add body, texture and lend potential for aging in the cellar.

Sancerre’s zesty profile and intriguing complexity make it a great wine to pair with food. The classic pairing of goat cheese and Sancerre is a must, as the creamy, tangy nature of the cheese is a perfect patch to Sauvignon Blanc’s herbal, citrusy profile. The intensity of Sancerre also makes it a great match for shellfish dishes and tricky-to-pair vegetables like fennel and asparagus.