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Like Boozy Milkshakes? Try the Chai Slide

Chai Slide / Photo by Brittany Conerly

This recipe is adapted from Pour Me Another, a new cookbook featuring cocktail recipes by mixologist and James Beard Award-winning editorial director of Milk Street J.M. Hirsch.

The Chai Slide is an attempt to make a grown-up Mudslide. The original boozed-up milkshake dates back to Grand Cayman Island in the 1970s, with a mix of vodka, coffee liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream and heavy cream. Oof! This version ditches the heavy, sugary liqueurs in favor of lighter, yet creamy whole milk. Richness comes from chai tea (which also adds complementary spice) and cocoa powder. The result is creamy, sweet and rich without being heavy or cloying.

How to Make a Chai Slide

1 bag chai tea
¼ cup boiling water
3 ounces vodka
1-ounce whole milk
½ ounce agave or simple syrup
⅛ teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder, plus extra to garnish
Ice cube

Photo Brittany Conerly

In a cup, combine the tea bag and water. Steep for 2 minutes. Squeeze the tea bag into the cup, then discard.

Photo by Brittany Conerly

In a cocktail shaker, combine the vodka, tea, milk, syrup and cocoa powder. Shake with ice cubes.

Photo by Brittany Conerly

Strain into a rocks glass. Lightly dust with cocoa powder.