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Napa Valley Officially Has Its Own Monopoly Board

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro/Top Trumps USA

A handful of Napa Valley’s iconic wineries have yet a new claim to fame—squares on a Monopoly game board. Yep, that’s right: The official Monopoly Napa Valley Edition hit shelves this week.

Similar to the classic version of the game introduced in 1935, you can still count on that salary as you pass “go.” However, the Northern California wine country rendition replaces its famous Atlantic City squares, from Boardwalk to Park Place, with iconic Napa Valley-inspired alternatives.

Fans will spot wineries the likes of Beringer, Sterling Vineyards, Napa Cellars, Hall Wines and Frank Family Vineyards. Also in the mix? Hotspot hotels, renowned restaurants and wine country landmarks. Prime real estate once held by railroads now sport hot-air balloon rides, bike trails, a high-end car service and more. The dreaded luxury and income tax squares now assess a wine tax, and the often coveted, high-rent Boardwalk spot belongs to Napa Valley’s towering Grape Crusher sculpture.