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NBA Icon James Harden Is Playing the Wine Game to Win

Photography by Laura June Kirsch

James Harden walks into a room in his Philly pad decked out in a stylish lime green tracksuit. Even at 6’5”, his stature is less imposing than it appears on TV. When asked how he’s doing, The Beard (as he’s known) says he’s tired—just getting back from practice. I ask when he started: “24 years ago,” he deadpans.

You may remember Harden’s reaction when he was first informed he’d made the Athletic’s list of the greatest 75 NBA players in history. In a video, he is surprised by the news, humbly clarifying the superlative with the interviewer. At the end of the clip, he quietly slides on his designer sunglasses and once more asks in shock, “Ever?” before sauntering calmly out in a chic white and yellow outfit.

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