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Nine of the Best Vodkas for Bloody Marys (2022)

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Whether you’re batching drinks before brunch or sipping solo at the bar, your Bloody Mary vodka matters. The spirit you use can affect the taste and body of your finished drink, and provides another way to customize the drink to your preferences.

The base of all Bloody Marys is vodka, tomato juice and spices. From there, the option are endless. In Canada, the cocktail is made with clam juice and called a Bloody Caesar. In the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, it’s common see seafood seasoning added to the mix. And, across the United States, bars and restaurants take the classic cocktail to new heights—sometimes literally via sky-high garnishes. 

One way to customize the drink to your tastes is to play with the type of vodka you use. A spiced vodka will add more heat to your mornings, while herb-infused vodka gives an earthier feel, highlighting the vegetal notes of tomato juice.

Here, nine vodkas perfect for every Bloody Mary.