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Non-Alcoholic Apertif Spritz

Non-Alcoholic Sober Spritz Cocktail / Photo by Sarah Anne Ward / Prop Styling by Paola Andrea / Food Styling by Maggie Ruggiero

Like apertivo liqueurs? Try: Wilfred’s Bittersweet Aperitif.

A complex mix of rosemary, bitter orange, rhubarb and clove, this is ideal for Negroni and Aperol Spritz variations, says Grace Mestecky Davis, general manager for Awake, a sober bar and bottle shop in Denver. “It has that syrupy quality that Campari has, and that little sour, little bitter quality that you want in an aperitif.”

Sober Spritz

Courtesy Grace Mestecky Davis, general manager at Awake, Denver

Elderflower syrup, which can be purchased in specialty stores or online, is an optional touch for this bright and bubbly Spritz, Davis says, but it really “makes the orange pop.”

2 ounces Wilfred’s Bittersweet Aperitif
¼ ounce elderflower syrup (optional)
4 ounces sparkling water
Orange wheel, for garnish


Mix all ingredients in a wine glass over ice. Garnish with orange wheel.

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