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One Tasting Experience Led me to Study Enology


The classiest glass of wine I ever had didn’t come in a glass at all, but it was life-changing all the same.

It all started with a weekend excursion. For most of my twenties, I had an interest in wine but was satisfied to lightly scratch the surface, attending a class or two at the local wine store, reading an article every now and then, tasting wine with my friends. On a trip to wine country, I finally decided to cross the beams of my personal and professional life and pursue an education in wine.

My sister and eternal wine-tasting partner wanted to go to wine country for her birthday, so we drove the three hours or so from Spokane, Washington, to Walla Walla. It was late morning on our way out of town when we decided to make one more stop before we headed back. After all, to drive to Walla Walla and not visit College Cellars, the student-run tasting room of the Institute for Enology and Viticulture, is like refusing dessert at your last meal.