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Pairing Wines for  Thanksgiving? Here’s a Cheat Sheet

Photos Courtesy of Vivino

Let’s get real: Thanksgiving is basically the Super Bowl of holidays. It’s not only a time to showcase your culinary expertise, but also a chance to flex your wine knowledge. After all, what better way to elevate the holiday’s requisite smorgasbord than with expertly-chosen wine pairings?  

Of course, that’s easier said than done. Thanksgiving wine pairings can be a high-stakes game, especially if your guest list runs long. With a wide range of bold flavors on the table and so many palates to please, there’s plenty that can go wrong.  

But don’t fret. We’ve tasked Wine Enthusiast’s Tasting Department with selecting the perfect bottles to complement Thanksgiving-ready dishes from our recipe library, which is filled with modern takes on holiday classics from juicy white wine-brined turkey to bourbon-spiked pecan pie. Consider this your official Thanksgiving wine pairings cheat sheet.

With these tempting food and drink pairings, your Thanksgiving is sure to be guaranteed touchdown.