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Rosé Reigns Supreme: A Conversation with Wöllfer Estate’s Roman Roth

Roman Roth, winemaker/partner of Wölffer Estate / Photo by Claire Macintyre

Rosés are not new in the wine world. Winemakers in countries like France and Italy have been making pink wine for centuries, and the style has garnered great reception in countless New World wine regions as well.

Over the past decade, consumer infatuation with rosé has been on a meteoric rise, resulting in a pink wave of wines hitting the market from both classic and new wine-producing regions.

With a portfolio of rosés that spans hemispheres and decades of winemaking experience under his belt, Roman Roth, partner and winemaker of Wölffer Estate, sat down with Wine Enthusiast to discuss his expanding pink-wine domain and give his insight on the latest rosé trends.