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Sustainability, Art and Argentina: 5 Questions With Patricia Ortiz

Patrizia Ortiz / Photo by Gustavo Sabez

It might seem contradictory for a winery owner to also be a physician, but Patricia Ortiz defies definitions. She helms not one, not two, but three Argentine wineries: Tapiz, Zolo and Wapisa. She’s also a former nephrologist, or kidney specialist.

How can one person perform within such challenging fields—consistently—at such a high level? According to Ortiz, a passion for both art and science are partially to blame.

An avid art collector and philanthropist, life for Ortiz is a constant balancing act. From focusing on sustainability at her wineries to procuring and using state-of-the-art technology in the winemaking process, to researching, vetting and acquiring some of the world’s finest art, she is not one to leave important decisions to chance.

Here, Ortiz discusses what she wished for her younger self, the importance of sustainability and her love for Argentina.

What do you wish you knew when you started working in the industry?

I wish I had started off already acknowledging the power of nature. Technical teams can work hard and manage almost every aspect of the process of winemaking, and yet nature is the one that defines whether it will be a good or bad year. The moment we acknowledge nature and ecosystems are king, the importance of preserving natural resources and being respectful to the environment becomes self-evident.