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The 10 Most Popular Chardonnays and How We Rated Them


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Undoubtedly the most popular wine grape in the country, Chardonnay’s many expressions make it a wine lover’s true delight. From brisk, zesty and fruit-driven unoaked versions to buttery, creamy, oak bombs—and of course the many that strike a fine balance between the two—this grape is no one-trick pony.

To aid in your Chardonnay adventures, here are the 10 most popular bottles of recently reviewed wines that our readers have searched for in our extensive Buying Guide database. Options from California are clearly top of mind, and so are a number of selections from our Top 100 Best Buys, Top 100 Cellar Selections and Enthusiast 100 lists of 2021. 

With prices ranging from under $15 to $70, and with two 100-point wines in the mix, there’s a lot to love in these 10 most popular Chardonnays.