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The Best Beer Growlers For Camping and Other Outdoor Adventures


With the return of warmer weather comes the need to cool down and chill outside—preferably with a nice, cold beer. Camping is one pastime that’s always better with a beverage, however, with the beating sun and the lack of air conditioning, you’ll need some help keeping your brews cold.

The solution? A proper camping beer growler.

What is a beer growler?

It’s peculiar to explain what a “growler” is in the context of enjoying beer while camping, because the “growl” in growler has nothing to do with that bear that may sneak into your campsite if you don’t properly store your food away. The term “growler” has been around for at least the late 19th century. It was used to describe any container that could hold a sizable amount of beer. When carbonated beer released gas it sounded like a growl, hence the name.

Over the years, growlers have evolved from buckets to jugs to vessels with vacuum-insulated technology that keep drinks cold or hot.

A good camping beer growler is essentially any sturdy container that can maintain the temperature and pressure of the cold, carbonated brew inside.