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The Best Gins and Vodkas of 2021


Gin and vodka both be distilled from a range of base ingredients, including potato, rice, corn or wheat, all which impart slight differences in the texture and flavor of the final product. For gin, countless iterations of botanicals can be a part of each distillery’s proprietary recipe, resulting in truly unique offerings. While non-flavored vodka is prized for its neutral, smooth palate, the best-flavored versions take on the pure character of a fruit, citrus or vegetable.

These two spirit categories are among the most utilized in cocktails. They can be the star of spirit-forward drinks like a Negroni and balance fruity cocktails like a Cosmopolitan or Gin Fizz. Both can be used in a Bloody Mary, the brunch classic with several iterations.

When you need to stock your bar, these are the best gins and vodkas from our Top 100 Spirits list this year.

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