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The Best Irish Whiskey for Every Type of Drinker

Images Courtesy of Total Wine and More

Although Irish whiskey had nearly been wiped from existence in the 1970s, when only a mere three distilleries remained, Ireland’s signature whiskey has recently been on the upswing.

Many new distilleries have popped up in recent years, and lots of excellent bottles have been making their way to the U.S. While we still have a soft spot for Jameson, which popularized Irish whiskey around the globe, it’s far from the only great Irish bottle on the bar.

What Is Irish Whiskey?

Just as Scotch is from Scotland and bourbon is made in the U.S., Irish whiskey is any whiskey that’s made in Ireland. (And yes, in Ireland, whiskey is spelled with an “e.”) That said, Ireland’s namesake spirit is made in a wide variety of styles. Some are lighter-bodied, while others are more robust; others add flavor via peat-smoking or finishing in casks that previously held other spirits, wine or beer. But as long as it’s distilled and aged in the country, it can be labeled as Irish whiskey.