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The Best Rums for Cocktails or Straight Sipping


Rum often evokes visions of tropical drinks and paper umbrellas due to its Caribbean roots, but the category offers plenty of premium spirits worthy of drinking all year.

While you can produce rum anywhere in the world with access to sugarcane, most of it is produced in the Caribbean, with each island delivering distinct styles.

Silver or white rum is the sweetest and fruitiest style. And it’s used in most classic rum cocktails like daiquiris. Gold and dark options are aged in barrels to get their rich color and earthy, spicy flavors. Like other high-end spirits, dark rums are frequently blended for consistency, but single cask options deliver unique and intriguing profiles as well. Dark selections are great for cocktails too, like hot buttered rum and the rum Old Fashioned.

The diversity in the category offers options for every palate and every season. And these eight rums from the Top 100 Spirits list of 2021 will get you started on your collection.