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The Brooklyn Spritz Cocktail

Brooklyn Spritz Cocktail / Photo by Tom Arena

Courtesy Natalie Grindstaff, director of restaurants for Crafted Hospitality/Vallata, New York City

Although most spritzes or spritzers are lightened with plain soda water, this bright, fruity variation uses grapefruit soda for a flavorful, bubbly boost. Forthave Red is a red bitter similar to Campari, but made in Brooklyn, hence the drink name.

This article originally appeared in the May 2022 issue of Wine Enthusiast magazine. Click here to subscribe today!

1½ ounces Forthave Red
½ ounce Giffard Pamplemousse
1½ ounce Prosecco
1½ ounces Q Sparkling Grapefruit
Orange slice, for garnish


Build all ingredients in a wine glass over ice. Garnish with orange slice.