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The Cure for Cabin Fever: Hungarian Wines


For most of 2020, I hardly left my Florida apartment for any reason other than to get my mail. Food was delivered, work was done online and any socializing happened on FaceTime or Zoom.

Eventually, though, between prolonged isolation and discouraging news reports, it was time to send out an SOS and treat myself to some good wines.

As a former wine importer, I was jonesing for the Olaszrizling and Kékfrankos wines and others I’d enjoyed during my travels to Hungary, but where to find them in Florida? Although local shops delivered, no Hungarian bottles were on hand. Wine club ads all over Instagram and Facebook offered some hope, but they chose the wines I’d get, and most were domestic.

No friends, nowhere to go, no wine— someone had to have what I wanted. I had cabin fever, and the only cure was good Hungarian wine.

I emailed wineries in Hungary hoping to get a case shipped to me. No luck.