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The Five Best Cabernet Sauvignons of 2021


Cabernet Sauvignon is grown in nearly every major wine-producing region of the world. While it is the backbone in the iconic blends of Bordeaux’s Left Bank, across the globe you’ll find many single-varietal expressions that highlight the grape in all its statuesque glory.  

The beauty of this variety is its ability to express a number of styles depending on where it’s grown. From full-bodied, rich Napa Valley Cabernets to pleasantly herbal and earthy Chilean options, and even those from South Africa that seamlessly blend ripe New World fruit with a firm structure and ample acidity more typically associated with the Old World, there’s a bottle for every moment and every Cab lover.  

Of the 1,300-plus Cabernet Sauvignons reviewed this past year, only a select few made the cut to be on our Top Lists. The best $15 and under selections were on our Top 100 Best Buys list, while many age-worthy Cabernets were spotlighted on our Top 100 Cellar Selections list. Below you’ll find the best of both worlds. Here are the top five Cabernet Sauvignons from our Enthusiast 100 list that provides the best bang for your buck for your immediate drinking pleasure.