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The Making of Wine Enthusiast’s No. 1 Wine of 2021

Chateau Siran / Photo by Gérard Uféras

Entering the Margaux appellation from the south, it is hard to miss Château Siran. The pink buildings of the chateau and cellars are surrounded by a park studded with sculptures. Just across a narrow road, the 60-acre vineyard rises gently as the depth of river gravel increases.

An estate that takes its name from landowner Guilhem de Siran has existed on this site since the 15th century, and the vineyard since the end of the 17th century. At one point in the early 19th century, the estate was linked to the counts of Toulouse-Lautrec, whose most famous son was the painter Henri.

Since 1859, Château Siran has been the property of the Miailhe family. As of 2007, Edouard Miailhe is the sixth-generation family member to run the estate along with his wife, Séverine. They have been responsible for the impressive turnaround in the estate’s wine fortunes, culminating in a trio of great vintages. Our number one wine of the year, Château Siran 2018 Margaux, is the most recent release reviewed in bottle, but it has been followed by the equally fine 2019 and 2020, tasted from barrel.

Chateâu Siran 2018 Margaux / Photos by Anne Lanta

So, what led to these improvements? Investment and openness to the world are the answers.

Investment in the cellar, completed in 2014, and replanting in the vineyard, now coming into fruition, both show in the wines produced since 2015. Of these two factors, the vineyard work is the most important. The vine composition has decreased from 50% Merlot to 44% Merlot, increasing the amount of Cabernet Sauvignon and, intriguingly, Petit Verdot.