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These RumChata Twists on Beloved Cocktails Fill Us with Joy 

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Look, sometimes we all need a little bit of comfort, which is where cream liqueurs can come in. After all, as Wine Enthusiast Writer-at-Large Kara Newman writes, “think of cream liqueurs as the comfort food equivalent of the spirits world: cozy, slightly indulgent and a treat to enjoy when you need a little lift—as we all do these days.” 

The rum-based cream liqueur RumChata is especially popular. Though it can be enjoyed on its own, its cinnamon and vanilla notes can add delicious flavors—and a bit of cozy indulgence—to a whole host of cocktails.

Here are just a few of our favorite RumChata cocktails. 

The Best RumChata Cocktails 

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RumChata Piña Colada 

Looking to up your piña colada game? Pick up a bottle of RumChata. Its ingredients include rum, cream and cinnamon, which perfectly complement those classic piña colada notes of coconut and pineapple we know and love.

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RumChata Spiced Alexander 

People have been drinking the Brandy Alexander for over 100 years and it’s no secret as to why. When made right, it’s the perfect boozy milkshake. If you’re looking for an extra kick, however, try adding RumChata, which goes beautifully with the classic drink’s VS Cognac and dark crème de cacao. 

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RumChata Iced Coffee 

Did you know your ice coffee can be even better? We didn’t believe it either—until we mixed in some RumChata. Why does it work so well? “RumChata adds a horchata-like character to richly-flavored iced coffee. It’s a delightful thing to sip at any time of day,” writes Wine Enthusiast Digital Managing Editor Rachel Tepper Paley

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RumChata White Russian 

We think even Jeff Bridges’s character in The Big Lebowski could get behind the riff on his signature drink. The White Russian is already a creamy, coffee-laden delight with a vodka kick. RumChata only adds additional nuance and complexity. 

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RumChata Mudslide 

By now, you can probably see that RumChata makes an excellent addition to beloved drinks—and the Mudslide is no exception. This sipper’s vodka base pairs well with the sweet, spiced, horchata-like flavor of this liqueur. 

Get the Full Recipe Here: Life Is Short, Drink a RumChata Mudslide 


What Is RumChata? 

According to Cookies & Cocktails: Drink, Dunk & Devour, RumChata is manufactured in Wisconsin. It’s a “cream liqueur made from Caribbean rum that has been distilled five times and blended with real dairy cream and infused with cinnamon, vanilla and proprietary flavors.” 

Does RumChata Go Bad? 

According to Difford’s Guide, once RumChata has been opened it can be stored at room temperature for up to six months.

Can You Drink RumChata Straight? 

Yes! However, we prefer to mix it into cocktails like our RumChata-ified versions of the piña colada, Spiced Alexander, Iced Coffee, White Russian and Mudslide.

Does RumChata Have Dairy?

Yes, RumChata has dairy. It’s blended with cream.

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