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These Whiskey Advent Calendars Give ‘Holiday Spirit’ New Meaning

The Spirit Co. / Getty Images

It started with candies and chocolate. Then came wine Advent calendars and beer Advent calendars. Now these fun Christmas-countdown products can be loaded up with whiskey to celebrate the coming holiday season. Whether you plan to drink the stuff neat or swirl some whiskey into an old fashioned, these calendars deserve a place on your home bar.

Plus the temperatures dip and hours are lost to daylight savings, now is the perfect time explore new whiskeys. After all, as the playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “Whisky is liquid sunshine.” What better way to brighten up your days than with an Advent calendar? Here’s everything you need to know before snagging one of your own.

What Is a Boozy Advent Calendar?

Most alcoholic takes on the Advent calendar have at least 12 bottles or cans of liquor, signifying the 12 Days of Christmas. But some come with 24 items, so you can start your boozy countdown on December 1st. We advise choosing whichever option best helps you mentally prepare for all that extra time with family come holiday time. No judgment.