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What Does ‘Lush’ Mean in Wine?

Illustration by Jose Berrio

While some hear the word lush and immediately think of one of the greatest shoegaze bands of all time, and others may associate it with someone who drinks too much, the term takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to wine.

Lush “describes wine that is juicy, plump and rich, but also has depth,” says Kari Brant, vice president and general manager of wholesale at wine importer and distributor Frederick Wildman & Sons. “Wines that are ‘lush’ aren’t necessarily unbalanced but often lead with their opulence and ripe fruit.”

A lush wine is generally fruit-forward and full-bodied with a velvety texture, the opposite of a more austere bottle.

Lush wine can be a bit polarizing. “I don’t often enjoy wines that I would describe as lush,” says Brant. “I look for wines that show precision, finesse, elegance and freshness.”