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What We’re Really Eating and Drinking This Holiday Season

Holiday Pairings / Photo by Adria Mueller / Food Styling by Adrienne Anderson / Prop Styling by Paige Hicks

When we asked around the office what foods come to mind when our staff thinks of their own holiday traditions, we learned that if we all got together, we might end up with one very eclectic potluck. Dessert is covered and the influences span the globe, but, as you might expect, we all had one thing in common: The team would be bringing some heat when it comes to bottles and cocktail creativity.

So, take notes—no matter what is being served at your family table, this should spark your shopping list.

Retro dishes are feeling fresh again, so I keep thinking about the Waldorf salad—green apple, celery and walnut, occasionally with some shredded coconut (!)—that my mom would bust out for holiday dinners when I was a kid. –Nils Bernstein, Contributing Editor, Food

Pair with: A demi-sec Vouvray not only turns it into an ultra-elegant appetizer, but the wine goes perfectly with the baked ham we usually had on the Xmas table as well

My dad is a trained chef. But he hardly ever cooks unless it’s a special occasion (or mom’s not home). So, some of my favorite Christmas memories are waking up early with him to make our pecan pie together—all from scratch, from the homemade piecrust to the chewy, caramelly filling. Today, I make my own version with a Briscoe-twist: a shot (or two) of bourbon is mixed in with the other wet ingredients. No one ever complains about my deviation from tradition. –Stacy Briscoe, Senior Editor, Print

Pair with: Sauternes