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What’s Really Behind White Claw’s New Vodka? A Canned Cocktail Play

Images Courtesy of White Claw

White Claw, the popular hard seltzer brand, has officially entered the vodka space. In March 2023, the Mark Anthony Group of Companies, which owns White Claw, announced a vodka line that includes a “premium” variety and a trio of fruited versions.

Playing into its waved logo, White Claw Premium Vodka is “Triple Wave Filtered—named for the use of immense pressure equal to three 30-foot waves—which has the same smoothing effect on vodka that ocean waves have on stones and shells,” reads a press release. “And it is filtered through activated carbon from charred coconut shells. Each bottle of White Claw Premium Vodka is carefully bottled in Kentucky and embossed with the White Claw logo.”

This month, the producer also announced the arrival of White Claw Vodka + Soda, a “new 100-calorie canned cocktail made with the same White Claw Premium Vodka, because better vodka makes for a better vodka + soda. Varieties include White Claw Vodka + Soda Pineapple, Peach, Wild Cherry, and Watermelon.”

How did we get here, and what’s behind the move? To understand the hard seltzer-to-vodka-to-canned-cocktail pipeline, one must first understand the current hard seltzer landscape.